'architecture and the city'

School: University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture (Part 2)
Concept: Vladimir Milenković / Jelena Mitrović / Davor Ereš
Videos & Models: Mila Mojsilović / Marko Marović / Aleksandar Ristović / Ivan Alfeldi / Nikola Andonov / Nenad Blagojević / Milan Dragić / Olga Lazarević / Marija Miković / Luka Mladenović / Milan Jojić

Web design: Luka Mladenović
Production: Olga Lazarević / Milan Dragić

BASED ON THE M9 MASTER PROJECT: THESES & PROJECT Exhibition All Inclusive H2O Volos explains the key elements of the methodology implemented in this research-by-design project, consisting of thesis followed by architectural design and conclusion based on the results. Program of All Inclusiveness, in connection with the theoretical inquiry of H2O phenomena and the interpretation of water-paysage of the bay of Volos was the  general background of the research.. Exhibition explores the work of 10 students, emphasizing the case study in a form of visual essay - formal layout of each thematic approach – consisting of short video and series of spatial models.
The scope of this Master Project is derived from a conceptual investigation of an architectural form and its potential in the circumstances of spatial and programatic boundaries, as well as  the capacity of its autonomy. Such implications exceed the simple representation of an architectural form, emphasizing its thematic framework leading to instruments of a design of its realization and architectural notion of the particular in general or inclusive. Approach is positioned in a theoretical plain that floats between architecture and philosophy, aesthetics and theory of form, ecology and technology. Boundaries of the program reach territoriesof tourism, recreation, wellness and life-style, while boundaries of the scenery outline the horizon of Aegean Sea chosen for its spatial contingency. Although specified as a place of Afissos near city of Volos, however it is also possible to interpret it as imaginary or even elusive.
This means that among thematic and spatial context represented in the title of All Inclusive H2O Volos students could maintain an individual frame of design. Instability of contemporary architectural professional field engages a variety of design principles that are, in this project, raging from fully aesthetic autonomy of its formal appearance  to erasure of authentic domains of its physical outlines.
The aim of the case study itself is to set out the thematic structure of the project through the abstraction of different elements and their contextual relations. The potential of a video as a media,  is chosen to represent a  visual capacity of the topic set between its formulation and notion with intention to be translated in the possibilities for further projections. 



University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture / Master Project / Academic year 2010-2011
Diploma Panel: Vladimir Milenković, MScArch, assistant professor-mentor / Mihailo Samardžić, PhDArch, professor / Vladan Đokić, PhDArch, professor / Mihailo Timotijević, professor (*mentor)
Associates: Jelena Mitrović, PhD student, teaching assistant / Davor Ereš, PhD student, teaching assistant / Predrag Marković, PhD student / Marko Momirov MLArch (Thessaloniki)
Guest Critiques: Maja Gavrić, PhD Arch (Rome), Maša Bratuša, Arch (member of RIAI)
Candidates: Mila Mojsilović / Marko Marović / Aleksandar Ristović / Ivan Alfeldi / Nikola Andonov / Nenad Blagojević / Milan Dragić / Olga Lazarević / Marija Miković / Luka Mladenović / Milan Jojić* / Sara Bićanin* / Sonja Dedić*



2011. A DREAM_ 'SANATORIUM'_ aleksandar ristović | A PROJECTION OF THE ESCAPE_ THE PONTOON_ nenad blagojević | A TRAJECTORY_ RESEARCH CENTRE_ marko marović | HEDONISM_ THE FLOATING PLANTATIONS_ olga lazarević | INFINITY_ THE ENOLOGY CENTRE_ nikola andonov | PLANCK TIME_ THE SPA CENTRE_ luka mladenović | DOUBLE HORIZON_ THE SWIMMING POOL_ sonja dedic | THE AMBIVALENCE_ AN ADVENTURE PARK_ ivan alfeldi | THE BLUE DARK_ THE DIVE JUMP(S)_ mila mojsilović | THE DIVING_ THE DIVING CLUB_ milan dragić | THE SEA ABOVE_ HOTEL_ marija miković | 5% ELASTIC_ THE BRIDGE_ sara bicanin | THE BLUR_ PARKLIFE_ milan jojic


special thanks to: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki School of Architecture, Goethe Institute, Knauf