architect: Marko Marović
thesis: A Trajectory
project: Research Centre
coordinates:  39° 22' 0'' N  22° 56' 0'' E          
size: 2 x 120m x 210m / traces lenght 400m
project description: All Inclusive H20 Volos Trajectory is setting nets, conquers through superimposing (ecology), like an non existing since we do not have to be there, catches our desires: while waiting something to be caught spaces are emerging in front of us, they are images, they are authoritative, no zoom or pan tool, moving according to nets possibilities to expand by stretching. Motion introduces object as motion, materials of the time included. Intervention is in the field of distance, motion through the objects makes visible motion it self as a speed or its frequence. Sequences are describable by the space and time: for example Tour de France or as a speed of the 100m Race: bay, neck of land, fiord, archipelago, island, peninsula, forms – described by geometry or a distance between position of the land and the sea, for the purpose of the time, edges are in the difference of environments.

year: 2011
link: markomarovic86@gmail.com 






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