architect: Mila Mojsilović
thesis: The Blue Dark
project: Dive Jump Field
location/coordinates: 39° 23° (14’59’/16’2’/12’6’/10’0’/15’55’/12’54’)
size: ~ 183m3 x n
project description: ’I don’t see because of the depth of water surface and reflections, I see through them and because of them.’ Merlo-Ponti
What we figure we discover as an absence. There is no imagination if the image we perceive does not refer to the one that is missing and if the coincidental image does not produce multitude of those that are distorted. What is presented as absent is on the image. The World as an emptiness speaks about impossibilities of distant as well as permanent existence. One could claim that emptiness is relying on conditions, that is an absence of itself, and that includes itself, and that as form is a notion of the contingency of any other form with the quality of material one, e.s. nonmaterial. According to Baudrillard, everything is ready to disappear, and already going in that direction, needing that. First there is nothing, than there is a deep nothing, and than the absolute nothing. Diving Jumps are floating in the field of program: lightweight concrete (béton léger)

year: 2011
link: /






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